Focus Areas

Green Transition and Energy Access

We advocate for least-cost energy solutions that mitigate risks and offer business opportunities. We Ensure the transfer of technology to local operators, which is a panacea for sustainability. Technical skills that help provide quality power and meet future energy needs are key to success. We facilitate the training of local people to maintain and produce renewable energy.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is putting a strong spotlight on how organizations think of leadership and talent. For more than a decade, when talking technology, the focus has been on how to fill the demand for certain IT skills. But in the digital era, the issue of having the right skills and capabilities available in the organization has become more far reaching – and much more crucial.  At Nordic Diaspora Forum, we help organizations understand the impact of digital transformation on leadership and IT skills as well as on other jobs, how stakeholders (e.g. employers, governments and academia) are addressing their skills needs internally and through partnerships and the importance of certifications and skills frameworks to develop the talent needed for the future.

Adult Education

At Nordic Diaspora Forum, we believe that education is a privilege that shouldn’t be reserved solely for children and teenagers. We believe that it is a lifelong journey which should continue into adulthood and beyond. This is why, for the past years, we have specialized in providing distance learning courses for adults, in the hope that one day, everyone can achieve their own personal goals.

Vocational Training

When Nordic Diaspora Forum was started, the goal was to help marginalized youth in Europe grow holistically. One of the cornerstones of the organization was to empower the youth with a formal education to enable them to become productive citizens in the community.

Technical and vocational education and training (TVET) helps young people to learn a trade, enabling them to find a job or to start their own business. In this way they have the opportunity to earn a solid income and improve their living conditions. At the same time, the economic development and food security of their communities and countries benefit as well.

Social Innovation and Integration

NDF has been an active advocate for social inclusion and integration initiatives. Since its inception, NDF has been involved in multiple projects that focus on assisting persons at risk of exclusion. We conduct extensive research to find new social practices that aim to meet emerging social needs in an effective way.

Active Citizenship

NDF is dedicated to fostering active citizenship at the local, national and European levels. We stimulate the active participation of citizens in democratic life by encouraging political, societal, and philosophical dialogues and discussions.

Youth Empowerment

NDF is devoted to providing and developing practical skills that the youth can use to boost the level of their employability